Прокат из титана и его сплавов

We offer equipment for the chemical industry, refineries and gas plants.

Heat-exchange equipment is manufactured with fixed tube gratings, with the temperature compensator on the shell, floating pipe heater and with U-shaped pipes.

Supplied heat-exchange equipment includes a full range of varieties of horizontal and vertical machines with a diameter up to 2400mm and a length of tubing up to 12000mm.

Products are made in different material design: carbon, low alloy, high-corrosion and heat-resistant steels and alloys, and titanium.

теплообменник теплообменник

Capacitive equipment

Vessels for gaseous and liquid media. Food storage and management processes atthe enterprises of the gas. refining, petrochemical, chemical and other industries.

Capacity: from 0,5 to 50 m3, Pressure: from 0,63 to 10 MPa, the material design: carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium.

Column equipment

Columns are manufactured with a bell-type and nozzle plates. Column height to 50m and a diameter up to 2000mm. Weight up to 45t. Material: Carbon or stainless steels, titanium.

колонное оборудование

Refrigerating machine, aggregates and plants

Ammonia refrigerating machine, is used in the refrigeration industry.

Evaporating-condenser bloc, used in refrigeration systems.

Modular heat pump refrigeration facility, for heat supply of residential buildings and auxiliary facilities.


Амиачная холодильная машина

Air dryers

Designed for cleaning and drying the air supplied to the pneumatic drive, controllers, actuators as well as for technological needs. Possible to produce standard sizes for the given drawings and engineering design.


Сушка воздуха

Ball valves

Кран шаровый We offer ball valves, working on gas pipelines, gas compressor stations, pipelines of petroleum, water and steam. Valves are manufactured with nominal diameter from 50 to 300mm and are designed for pressures 16, 80 and 160kg/cm2. According to the construction cranes can be both above ground and underground, with manual and pneumatic drive. To connect with pipelines provided flanged or welded versions. Ball valves are manufactured in climatic design: for operation at temperatures from minus 40 to plus 80oC; to work in temperatures up to minus 60oC.
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