Прокат из титана и его сплавов

"Angara" Enterprise was founded in 1991. During these years we have supplied products: semi-finished and rolled titanium and titanium alloys, as well as stainless steel domestic and foreign production. In addition we offer ferroalloys: ferrotitanium, ferronickel. 

The collective of "Angara" Enterprise has a long experience and high qualifications, allowing to provide our customers with high quality products in a short time. 

Development of high technology allows the slabs and ingots of circular cross-section of titanium and its alloys by electron-beam melting and vacuum arc remelting with subsequent rolling. 

Our products conforms to all domestic and foreign standards. 

We use a flexible system of working with our client and doing everything possible to meet all its requirements.



Курс продаж цветных металлов

Титановый калькулятор

Титановый калькулятор
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